Építőipari projektmanagement

Architecture, project management, construction

We provide professional construction services in real estate investment on a national and international level.

We build


Construction investment and management

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Investment preparation

Engineering consultancy, technical preparation of projects, selection of the right team


Planning coordination

Control of design workflows, cost optimization, coordination of reconciliations, review of plans.


General construction

Investment management, high quality implementation of construction projects

Who we are?


with heart and soul

Our company provides professional investment management services to our national and international clientelle. By our project management engineers with decades of professional experience, we provide the highest quality of services to our clientelle, to ensure that investments are completed successfully, within budget, on time, in the high quality expected by our investors.
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Our portfolio

More then project management

quality collaborative work to achieve our wildest dreams

Taking into account the specifities of the real estate development in question, with our package of services tailored to the specific project and with our project team, we support our clients to explore their possibilities, to define their exact requirements for the construction project, to optimize the technical content and to create value through successful implementation of the project. All stakeholders in implementation are acting in their own interests, but the interests of the investor are only ours to represent - from concept to handout of the keys.
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Our flagship projects

Gresham Palace Lobby and Muse Bar

The ground floor of the beautiful building has been transformed to include the Muse Bar, a new reception desk, a high-end meeting room, a concierge room and their service areas.
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Pandora jewellery shop on Váci Street

Located in the most frequented part of Váci Street, the jewelery shop is a tourist attraction: a combination of elegant and modern.
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Arquitecto Pipit

A complete remodelling of the tapas bar in the Chamber of Architects building, by combining old and new elements. We scraped the walls back in several places, preserving the old structure. The new, unique bar echoes the glass-roofed front of the main entrance.
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